The mythological site of the Garden of Eden, Sri Lanka is a lush tropical gem suspended off the southern coast of India. Students who travel to Sri Lanka go southwest to the coastal area of Hikkaduwa.

From a beautiful hotel where we are based for the week, students will be involved in many activities. These include extensive and exciting team building challenges; coral reef and marine life studies, where student teams snorkel a very accessible and shallow reef system with a great variety of corals, fish and invertebrates; a day trip to a famous mangrove area where we take boats into an extensive coastal ecosystem and observe a large variety of mangrove flora and fauna, including the very large water monitors, close relatives of the Komodo Dragons. Other activities include a turtle hatchery project and a huge hatchling release at night. o­ne of the main reasons for going to this area of Sri Lanka is to get involved in extensive community service projects that involve working with tsunami orphan children, a children’s technical training school and other very rewarding community projects in an area that desperately needs the help. Students love their Sri Lankan experience.

(Difficulty: 2-3)

Day # 1 Arrive at Colombo International and take a special train to Hikkaduwa; check-in and night at a beautiful o­n a peninsula overlooking the Indian Ocean; fun inservice
Day # 2 Extensive team building challenge activities; Pool challenges and snorkeling activities; Community service in orphanage and school
Day # 3 Team building, Reef snorkel and studies, Community Service continued
Day # 4 Mangrove adventure wildlife observation; Turtle Hatchery activities and Community Service; Cultural night at resort
Day # 5 Reef studies and Tsunami Community Service projects
Day # 6 Drive to Colombo International for departure