Mark Needs

To Whom It May Concern:
This letter is offered in support of Into the Wild and director Mr. Kim
White. Our school has travelled with Into the Wild in Northern Thailand
and Nepal as one of our key middle school Week Without Walls
experiences. I can speak to the success of these experiences as the faculty
trip leader. Our Week Without Walls program is built around offering
robust experiences for our students in culture, adventure, environmental
awareness and service. I am personally committed to ensuring that our
students are exposed to the best experiences in these areas and Into the
Wild and Mr. White in particular provide a level of commitment,
exemplary service and professionalism second to none in my experience.
Into the Wild draws on relationships and partnerships they have developed
over the years and is committed to supporting impoverished communities
to improve their sustainability around education and health. Into the Wild
builds learning experiences for students where they experience first hand
these incredible cultures, the diverse environments and engage in real
service projects from start to finish. Students leave having a deeper
understanding of the challenges people of Nepal and N. Thailand face and
also make a profound impact on these communities through their ongoing
service work.
In my view, Into the Wild is the ideal blend of the heart led commitment to
making the world a better place with the professional structures and
partnerships required to connect those of us with means and a desire to
take part in real, sustainable world change with the opportunity to do so,
effectively, safely and meaningfully.
I hope you will consider working with Into the Wild and Mr. Kim White. I
am happy to provide any further information you require as you consider
the relationship you may be looking to forge with Into the Wild to create
deep, meaningful and impactful experiences in these communities for your

Best regards,

Mark Needs
Campus Recreation Director

The mission of the American School of Dubai is to challenge and
inspire each student to achieve their dreams and to become a
passionate learner prepared to adapt and contribute in a rapidly
changing world.